Geoff Townson - Visual Artist

About the Artist
Born in West Sussex, Geoff gained degrees in Geology (B Sc London 1968 and D Phil Oxford 1971) which led to an international career in the oil industry 1971-2000.  In the early 1980ís, part-time, he studied drawing and sculpture in Perth, Western Australia.  Whilst working in The Netherlands, Geoff attended Life & Portrait classes at an Art School in The Hague 1997-2000.
Between 1995 and 2002, he completed the Open College of the Arts Painting Course Years 1 - 5 & their 1-year Understanding Western Art history course
Geoff was tutored by John Skinner (Abbotsbury) during 2004 - 2005 and featured in Wessex Muse magazine in Aug 2007 and Dec 2008.  In January 2013 the Dorset magazine carried an "Artist Profile" on Geoff (download).
Geoff and his wife Jane (textiles) have their adjacent studios open in Charmouth during the biennial Dorset Arts Weeks.  They also have work at Herringbone, Breeze and Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre, all in Charmouth.  Geoff also sometimes exhibits in Charmouth Library.  They also open on an ad hoc basis throughout the year - just make contact for a visit.