Geoff Townson - Visual Artist

Dorset Seascapes  

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Charmouth West Beach - Evening Walk

Charmouth West Beach & Back Ven

Fossiling under Black Ven

Black Ven & Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre

Charmouth East Beach & River Char - Jan 2015

Evans Cliff from Black Ven (medium size)

Evans Cliff Landslip Charmouth - From the Beach (wide)

Mudflow - Charmouth East Beach Feb 2017

Charmouth East Beach Jan 2017

Bindon Chasm 1839 - view East

Bindon Chasm 1839 - view West

Golden Cap - Beachcombing II

Golden Cap - Stormy Sky

Portland Sunrise

Cain's Folly - near Charmouth (large)

Rocks - II (large)

Rocks Abstracted (medium size)

Rocks IV (medium size)

West Bay 2012 (large)

Stair Hole view West - Lulworth Cove (large)

Lulworth - Ordnance View (medium size)

Warbarrow Tout from Warbarrow (large)

Golden Cap & Charmouth East Beach 2017 (sold)

Mouth of the River Char (medium size) [NFS]

Charmouth East Cliff Landslip - Dec 2015 [Sold]

Black Ven from Evans Cliff [Sold]

Commission: West Charmouth from Evans Cliff 2018 [Sold]

Charmouth - Big Sea [Sold]

Charmouth East Beach to Golden Cap 2015 [Sold]

Black Ven from Lyme Regis [Sold]

Commission July-August 2016 [Sold]

Golden Cap - Calm Seas [Sold]

Golden Cap - Tides Out [Sold]

Charmouth East Beach & Golden Cap (wide) [Sold]

Evans Cliff Landslip Charmouth - Overview (large) [Sold]

Evans Cliff Landslip Charmouth - Above view West (large) [Sold]

Black Ven to Charmouth (small) [Sold]

Charmouth Beach from Black Ven (medium size) [Sold]

Golden Cap from Charmouth Beach (small) [Sold]

Golden Cap from the beach (medium size) [Sold]

Portland & The Fleet from Abbotsbury Hill 2012 [Sold]

Rocks - I (large) [Sold]

Winter Walk - Black Ven (medium size) [Sold]

Black Ven from Charmouth Steps (medium size) [Sold]

Black Ven from Canary Ledges (medium size) [Sold]

Gun Cliff Walk (medium size) [Sold]

Stair Hole view East - Lulworth Cove (large) [Sold]

Durdle Door (large) [Sold]

Portland from Flowers Barrow (large) [Sold]

Chapmans Pool (large) [Sold]

Black Ven [Sold]